Top 3 Longboard Decks of 2018

Longboard Decks are very important feature to select from. The longer variants of longboards are commonly used for cruising, downhill racing, slalom racing, sliding, and transport. The longboard’s design allows for big turns or quick short carves similar to motions of surfers or snowboarders. They have three axes: The tail axis (running from tail to tail), the central axis (running straight down through the centre of the board) and the short axis (running from the width of the board and perpendicular to the tall axis)

The pintail shape is used to prevent the wheel from coming in contact with the board, called wheel bite, while still providing ample foot space. Pin tails are most commonly used with top mounted trucks. Pintails permit loser trucks and larger wheels which are better suited for carving or a “smooth “feel.

Drop through boards, should not be confused with a double drop deck have a cut out in the deck, allowing the base plates of the trucks to be mounted through the deck. The lowered platform allows for greater stability at high speeds.

The kicktails first emerged in the back end of a skateboard. Kicktails are now found on specific longboards. They are now emerging into the scene with the ever so popular “indo boards”, which are balance trainers. They say the kicktail will help with big tricks, pivots, slides, Ollies and much more.



Bamboo kicktail Deck Longboard Skateboard

Bamboo kicktail Deck Longboard Skateboard

This is a great board. What you pay is totally worth the board. It has blank deck which is good. It is light weight board and good for cruising. Wheel wells are present. The length is 40 inches which is quite long. Also high quality bamboo is used and this board is perfect for everyday riding. The board is sturdy and perfect for sliding.


Bamboo pintail Deck Longboard Skateboard

Bamboo pintail Deck Longboard Skateboard

This is a complete longboard with classic bamboo. 44 inches long and has 26 inches wheelbase. Shred boots wheels, 70mm 85. 179 mm reverse pilot trucks. 90A bushing. Genuine abec 7 bearings! The only set back is that it does not have a grip. But for what price is you get it, you cannot beat the deck! It is strong, durable, has carved out area for wheel bites. Also provides nice flex and comes with great size!! This board will make up for the standard cruising deck, if you are looking for one. It has well finishing for very low price.


Professional Speed Drop Through Complete Longboard

Professional Speed Drop Through Complete Longboard

This speed drop through longboard has 65mm black wheels, Abec 9 Bearings, 150 mm Silver Trucks and unique scratched deck. This is gripped and this ready for easy assembly comes with everything one needs for longboard. Again this board qualifies to be a longboard. The top of the board is solid black grip tape. The board is completely rigid, so the flex is minimal. Overall it is a good beginner’s board for a good price. The bushings and the trucks are ok.


One may find many longboards put on sale in the market and hence it is important to choose the right one. The longboard deck is the starting point in building your perfect complete longboard, hence choose wisely. These longboards are among the best ones in the market today. The customers have appreciated the quality of these longboards and hence rated them highly. The major difference of these longboards is the design it comes with, that is, professional speed drop, kicktail and pin tail. Each of these boards has its own unique features, advantages, disadvantages. The criteria to be considered before choosing the correct type of longboard for you should be: The use of longboard, the length, the hardware it comes with and its durability. And lastly the aesthetics! When you have decided the longboard you want to buy, make sure to go through the user guide and the maintenance tips to increase its durability.

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