As I was in search for the best longboard that would not just be reliable but also efficient, I came across Sector 9 Fiji Complete Skateboard.  Having gained knowledge about the quality of this Skateboard, I decided to follow my instincts and buy off the product with an immediacy set in mind. After using the Fiji Complete Skateboard for quite a while, I found it to be absolutely satisfactory and I was convinced that the product advantaged the 4.8 rating that it got in Amazon. The Skateboard has a durability that is incomparable. Its features and performance has a sky reaching superiority which leaves the product as one that is unmatchable, even with skateboards that have received top ratings from the auditors in the market. The product is suitable for all road types. I myself have been using the skateboard in landscapes that are both high and low. Though, the skateboard is narrow in width, it consists of a capacity to bear the weight of the heaviest person in town. Some of the amazing features of this fantastic model are:

  • It rides on a 9” Gullwing Chargers
  • It has 65 mm 78A Sector 9 Biothane wheels
  • The wheels come with PDP Abec 5 bearings
  • Great mid-range wheels base for giant slalom-type carvings
  • Has a penchant for weaving through outside bowls
  • An aesthetically satisfying top and bottom Bamboo grain and graphics
  • 5 ply perpendicularly laminated Bamboo
  • Is wheelbase is 28.50”
  • 39.5” Bamboo Fiji Longboard Deck
  • It consists of 8mm x 10mm Bearing Spacers
  • Abec 5 8mm Bearing
  • TLS Complete Longboard Assembly
  • System Mudflap 0.125” Shock Riser
  • Stainless 1.25” Hardware
  • New School Hole Pattern
  • 7/16” thickness
  • Clear Grip
  • Concave, shallow tail

Sector 9 Fiji Complete Skateboard



Portability: Since, the Fiji Complete Skateboard bears a dimension- 1x1x1 inches, and is just 1 pound in weight; it is absolutely portable and can be carried with ease. When not in use, the skateboard can be packed and kept in any nook and corner of the room, be in under the bed or sofa, or as resting against the wall in a standstill position.

Durability: The durability of the model astonished me. It has not been once but a number of times that this amazing product has slipped and fallen, but it was amazing when nothing happened to it.

Wheels: The wheels of this model has been fixed in a way wherein there are no chances of its screws to become loose and let go of the wheels with ease. Plus, along with this, the bolts below the skateboard have been tightly arranged so as to fix the wheels in a manner wherein they could go on for years, thus saving the user from both minor as well as major accidents for long.

Speed: The fixation of large wheels to the board increases the capacity of both the board as well as the rider to ride on it as swiftly as possible.


The wheels on being extra smooth are likely to cause damages to unprofessional kids and first time riders.

Once the silver on the wheels begin to wear off, the wheels get prone to rust which somehow results in a slow movement of the board.


Sector 9 Fiji Complete Skateboard has everything that you are looking for in the best longboard available in the country. The product, on an overall basis, offers speed, functionality, durability, quality, and comfort. It might have its own drawbacks, but these could any day be ignored when you take into account and notice its numerous beneficial cum specialized features that could be taken an advantage of, once the product is in your hands.