SCSK8 has built its dignity among consumers by giving them what every eye has expected from it.

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As SCSK8 produced a Skateboard that made the long awaiting search for a number of skateboard users complete the producers won name and fame all over the world, thus, proclaiming the name of their company as the Best Skateboard producing company in the world. Having known SCSK8 as a quality producer of Skateboards, the launch of the Natural Blank and Stained Longboard Skateboard made a number of freelances cum stunt showers fall in love with it, thus, making them all flock for it. Apart from this, the Skateboard shows its superiority with regard to quality and usage and that most skateboard players prefer to use this fantastic piece of Skateboard to the other pieces produced by the localities of the globe.


SCSK8 Natural Blank & Stained Assembled Complete Longboard SkateboardThe SCSK8 Natural Blank 7 Stained Complete has a number of features that help it work and further win races. However, a few that need a passing mention are: the 40” X 9” OR 44” X 10” deck size that might help you to balance yourself while you are up for a race.  The 7” Hanger made of Aluminum Alloy shows the durability that the board could sustain even though it may be a board that is used frequently, without care. Apart from this, the light weight of the board, that is, 10 Pounds, make it possible for one to stand on it with ease and ride on it as far as you would want it to go. The light weight of the board further enhances comfort and a paradise feeling even while standing and riding on it for hours together.



  • The Skateboard is handy and versatile and is easy to use. Its Deck Size is: 40” X 9” Or 44” X 10”
  • Smooth 70mm Wheels that’s produce ease to travel far.
  • 5 bearings Abec
  • The board has a ½” rubber riser that comes with a grip take fro resistance and strength.
  • 1.5” Hardware
  • 7” Hanger Truck
  • 10 pounds weight, easy to carry around.
  • Easy to store in every nook and corner of a household.
  • The pattern enhances mood.
  • Accurate settings for long rides on terrain regions.
  • Completely assembled for easy usage.
  • Front and back wheels for balance and support.


The design and pattern suits children the best; professionals detain themselves from using patterns that have an interminglement of green with black and the like. Apart from this, the piece doesn’t come with an extra pair of wheels that one could use to replace the wheels already attached on the skateboard, once they gain roughness and lose luster due to a daily usage of the board by kids for school, competitions, etc. Its portability too becomes a question when a person handling it has to take it to a far off distance in a crowd bus or a very small car.


SCSK8 has built its dignity among consumers by giving them what every eye has expected from it. Satisfying others can be major but the engineers involved with the name of the brand brought out items that not only showed an interminglement of classic with fun but also brought about a technology that would help skateboards win pace mostly, due to the type of wheels attached to them and the material with which the deck was made. Therefore, in case if you are a kid who is looking for the Best Skateboard to ride on, the SCSK8 Natural Blank & Stained Complete Longboard Skateboard is indeed the one of you.


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