Eightbit 22 inch Nova Fury Retro Skateboard Review

Eightbit, on being a master of the pioneers of the makers of Skateboards, has received dignity in all parts of the world for its quality products and A1 standards as far as the materials used for skateboard making is concerned. Today, the Engineers involved in making and creating innovative skateboards have gone to the extent of making strong skateboards with neither wood nor aluminum, but, with plastic.  The Eightbit 22 Inch Complete Skate Board- Retro Skateboard is an example of the reputed innovation of thousands of engineers working with Eightbit.

The features of this fantastic skateboard are numberless; however, a passing mention can be made of features like its 6”x22” plastic deck which helps each rider to ride with ease, its 3” wide aluminum trunks that hold the wheel in a grip to run straight in one direction. Last but not the least; the board consists of a high-tensile Allen key that helps a rider to ride on it a pace most unknown to the children of the age.

The skateboard is one that could be used any event taking place across the glop, it is a winner’s board. It is however most suitable for children going to school or participating in competitions for championship, etc. The board is strong and therefore, can be considered to be safe for stunts of all kinds. The product is one, without complaints and its retro pattern is an innovation that can be considered to be most appreciated by all.




  • Its design is versatile, handy, and is absolutely easy to use.
  • Its 6” x 22” Plastic deck allows excellent balance for long distances.
  • Its 59mm 78a smooth wheels help riders to go beyond terrains without issues.
  • Its Abec- 7 stainless steel bearings tend to prevent rust of any kind.
  • Its wheels on being made of plastic are safe from rut of any kind.
  • The board has an excellent color combination bringing about a unique look.
  • Is light weight- 4 Pounds, allows users to carry it around without any issue or trouble.
  • Simplicity determines its strength.
  • An interminglement of retro with new technology.
  • Easily adaptable by children of all ages.

Eightbit 22 inch Nova Fury Retro Skateboard Review



The color, pattern and design merge with each other to make the Skateboard fit for children only. Adults and professionals would however, like to exempt themselves from the usage of skateboards made of plastic. The wheels, too, on being made of plastic would not last long and board doesn’t come along with an extra set of wheels so as to make it long lasting and carry on in a durable state for several years together. The board, although being wide, is made up of plastic thus making the maintenance of balance for healthy children a bit more difficult than the usual aluminum or wood boards.


The brand with its many engineers and workers has been able to bring about the Best Skateboard in town for children of all ages. The Skateboard is in fact everything a child looks for in his first skateboard for school, etc. The board offers excellent durability and speed as far as the strength of a child riding on it is concerned.  The board is perfect, but does have a number of its own drawbacks which can be overlooked when a child begins to consider the benefits and the joy that he can derive from the use of an excellent skateboard like this.