Atom Pintail Longboard Review

Atom Pintail Longboard Review
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On August 24, 2014
Last modified:April 26, 2015


The Atom Pintail Longboard is an ideal entry-level longboard at an affordable price, and its classic deck shape means you won’t get wheel bite, even when carving your hardest through the turns.

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The pin tail shape prevents the wheel from coming in contact while still providing ample space!

Now available in longer variants!! More colorful and with a more specific design, this stylish longboard is ideal for the beginners to start up. It is one of the best longboards available. Different sizes available make it the best longboard to own! It possesses full maple laminate deck with high quality 80S grip. Customer review has been very satisfactory which makes this stylish longboard a favorite among the users. It is a complete 44 inch longboard with pin-tail. The price of this stylish longboard is totally worth it if one is looking for quality. With this stylish longboard, cruising and surfing will never be the same! Mostly used with top mounted trucks!

Atom Pintail Longboard


  • This stylish pin board has a classic Pin tail shape which provides a good ride!
  • Available in various length, 29 inch, 39 inch, 40 inch, etc.
  • Well built, durable.
  • A great cruiser, it provides with smooth ride.
  • Maple finished deck.
  • It consists of: Trucks are 8.5 inch, 5 bearing ABEC, 78A urethane wheels
  • Variations maybe present long with variation in length.
  • Following components constitute the longboard:
    • Aluminium trucks,
    • ABEC 5 bearings
    • Maple laminated deck
    • 65mm/78A Urethane Wheels
    • Full coverage grip tape top.



  • Desired board for the beginners. Makes up for a good gift item!!
  • This one of the best longboard you will find worth the price.
  • The users have reviewed it on a good scale.
  • The longboard provides with the smoothest ride.
  • Due to the pin tail design, Provides with the best cruising experience or going downhill.
  • The stylish design and active colors make it a favorite among the customers.
  • Also the versatility of this longboard, makes it a must have!
  • The Pin tail design provides with flex and stability is great when one goes downhill, cruising, etc.
  • This stylish board, as said earlier, is best for the beginners, as it aids in experimenting various rides.
  • The deck is pretty long and the trucks go well with the whole design as whole.
  • It offers the maximum stability which makes it a great choice for down hilling, while its ease of pushing is perfect for long distance riding or just kicking around town or campus.
  • High quality 80S grip tape makes it more favorable to be selected by the customers.
  • Weight is not an issue to ride this stylish longboard.
  • The classic pin tail shape means riders won’t get wheel bite even when carving their hardest!


  • It depends majorly on the use of the Pin tail longboard.
  • The trucks need to be loosened a bit in the start. Nuts need to be loosened.
  • Not used mostly for long drives. Casual use mostly.
  • Some may find this board expensive.


In all, the Pin Tail longboard comes as a whole package. It is one of the best longboards to own due to its versatile design. It is stylish and best for the beginners. Overall, the Longboard provides with good amount of foot room, has got nice flex and the pintail design will make sure that you don’t get any wheel bite. The board is provided with some good stock hardware which is highly sturdy and durable. So it does not require replacement often. The best longboard to have! Moreover, the bright colors and design make it a must have for students!