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SpinSheet Magazine March 2023

Tom Sliter captured this month’s cover photo of sailors from DC Sail enjoying the cherry blossoms from the Potomac.

See the Bay: The Potomac at Washington, DC
Places to explore in or near the nation’s capital on shore and on the water.
By Beth Crabtree and Captain Steven Toole

Saftey Series Part 3: What a Career Firefighter Would like Sailors to Know
Battalion Chief John Muhitch of the Annapolis Fire Department on sailors and fire emergencies.
By Beth Crabtree

Chesapeake Bay Marinas 2023
News from regional marinas, tips from a liveaboard that can help weekenders choose the right marina, Clean Marina news, and our marina directory.
By Staff and TJ Butler

Spring Commissioning Your Sailboat
It’s not what you remembered to do that’s important; it’s what you forgot to do that matters.
By Captain Mike Martel

How to Service a Winch
Winch failure is a recipe for disaster, so you’d better learn to service them annually.
By Kelsey Bonham

Getting Beyond the Numbers
While numbers are important in normal conditions, Mother Nature throws us curveballs…
By David Flynn of Quantum Sails


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