If you’re the kind of DIY sailor who prefers to do your sailboat work yourself, find ideas and sailing resources on this how to page.

Pedestals are straightforward to replace. In chain and wire systems a new pedestal from any brand can generally work with any downstream components.
With chain and wire steering that’s in good operating condition, a few simple maintenance procedures will maximize the lifespan of all your gear and minimize the risk of any mid-sail...
A pre-boat show checklist helps ensure exhibitors get the most out of their investments in attending a boat show.
Pillows are great learning-to-sew projects!
Piping is the perfect finishing touch to add to cushions, pillows and upholstery projects. You can add prefabricated piping to your project or make your own.
Zippers are a key part of many sewing projects. They can be sewn into cushions on a sofa or in a boat cabin, added to jackets and bags, and the more heavy-duty ones come in handy on...
Learning how to sew hems is a basic skill every sewer needs to know.
If you are new to sewing or you’re interested in a short refresher course, this tutorial video is exactly what you need!
Stitch by stitch, we’ll teach you the basics of sewing