Long boarding is gaining popularity day by day, especially among the upcoming generation. For some time, the longboard events, as well as other skating and cruising activities were known to be a preserve for the rich. This has changed today. Any person can ride the longboards since the benefits do not seclude any given group of people. If you are a newbie and you want to get into the long boarding activities, then you need to get a good longboard model for yourself. Obviously, to get the best model for yourself, you will need to know some of the best longboard brands so as to be safe. Without such knowledge, it is very easy for you to end up with a tool that’s undependable, unreliable, and nondurable and very discouraging. Follow the right procedure in acquiring the model that suits you and you will enjoy your riding experience.

Uses, types and benefits

Long boarding involves the riding of longboards; a specialized type of skateboard with wheels for easy movement in a range of terrains. The longboards are used for transportation, stunts, racing and cruising etc. the fun element of these tools makes participants so much motivated and engaged hence the reason why it is very addictive to involve oneself in with them. This addictiveness is a major recipe for success in longboard riding.

A lot of calories are always burnt whenever you involve yourself in longboard riding. This brings us to the benefits that one get from riding these tools. First of all, all those who have made it their routine to ride these boards are always fit. They have good body weights and also possess lean muscles. The rides always involve cardio exercises hence conditioning the cardiovascular system. Cardio exercises reduce ones risks of suffering from cardiovascular diseases-the major cause of death in the world. You will also have strength as well as flexibility with time as you keep on riding.

Longboards are categorized according to what and where they are intended to be used for and these types are for:

  • Cruising longboards
  •  Street riding longboards
  •  Carving longboards: for those who want to achieve more technical moves
  • Downhill longboards
  • Free ride Longboards
  • Freestyle Longboards

Short Reviews of  Eight Best Longboard Brands:

1.  Sector 9: Attractive, Yet Affordable Longboards for Beginners

A bunch of buddies would go hanging out in their backyard. One of them would refer to the rest as nine balls while the area they were hanging out in would be called “Sector 9”. As the revolution of the longboards took momentum, the name “Sector 9” stuck.

“Sector 9″ longboards are the perfect longboards that beginners should go for. With a sturdy design and having been designed and made using the very best of quality materials, the Sector 9 longboards give the best experience even for those who are on a tight budget since they are cheaper when compared to other brands.

Sector 9 Drop-Thru Bamboo Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder Drop Through DownhillSector 9 Fractal Complete Skateboard

Features of the Sector 9 Drop-Thru Bamboo Complete Downhill Longboard

The Sector 9 Drop-Thru Bamboo Complete Downhill Longboard speaks it all for Sector 9. Its features are:

  • It features the unique Green Wave Graphics
  • It has a five-ply vertically laminated construction by the use of bamboo
  • It is designed with a CNC drop through mounting
  • All the parts are authentic Sector 9 components
  • It has clear grip[ tapes, PDP ball bearings and rides on 74 millimeter Nine ball wheels

A majority of riders today call the Sector 9 longboards: the gateway board. This is because the boards are relatively inexpensive hence easy for new riders to acquire and get cruising. The newbie will be able to have the feel for the style they prefer without having to dig very deep into their pockets.  

 2. Quest: The Quest Super Cruiser

The Quest Super Cruiser best describes what Quest offers its customers. One of the greatest things which can be said about any given longboard model is if it either lives to or exceeds its hype. This is exactly the description of the Quest Super Cruiser and other Quest models as a whole. With the state of the art designs, the models by this company are full of little components which attest to the fact that its designers do pay maximum attention to the finest details possible. If you buy any of the Quest models, be sure that the value for your money is guaranteed.

Quest Super Cruiser Artisan Bamboo Longboard SkateboardQuest Rorshack Bamboo Longboard SkateboardQuest Tribes Pin Kick Tail Longboard Skateboard

Features of the Quest Super Cruiser

  • Its decking has been made by the use of very high quality materials (Hardwood Multi-ply)
  • It also features 7” aluminum trucks for enhanced stability to its 70 millimeter PDU wheels
  • It offers security and stability to even those huge riders.
  • It is a lightweight longboard weighing just 8.5 lbs hence can easily be transported to the places you are going to.
  • It has ABEC fie bearings that allow for smooth rolling with minimal effort

The Quest longboards come with superior design at relatively low prices. Their artisan designs obviously add to its quality together with attractiveness.

3. Atom Longboards Bamboo Drop Through Longboard, Tiki, 40-Inch speaks for Atom Longboards

Though just ten years old, the company has cut a niche for itself in the longboard industry and is competing the companies that have been present for long. Since 2005, the Atom Brand longboards have been increasing in popularity year in year out. The designs are so impressive, something that is credited on its designers. The result of their designs is their ability to produce affordable longboards without having to compromise attractiveness, comfort, security and durability. Some of their models include: Atom Drop Through, Atom Drop Deck, Atom Lowrider, Atom Pintail and Atom Kicktail. If you want cheaper longboards than those made by Atom, be sure to get them. However, most of those cheaper ones are made from substandard materials. All in all, Atom factors in quality before anything else.

Atom Drop-Through LongboardAtom Longboards Bamboo Drop Through Longboard, TikiAtom Drop Deck Longboard
Atom Kicktail LongboardAtom Lowrider LongboardAtom Pintail Longboard

Features of Atom Longboards Bamboo Drop Through Longboard, Tiki, 40-Inch

  • The model features ABEC-9 ball bearings with durability and high speed lubrication
  • It features 78a Atom AREA 51 wheels measuring 70 millimeter diameter and 51 millimeters wide.
  • It has a coarse forty six grit grip
  • Its trucks are Navigator done-180 millimeter hangers and 40-degree base.
  • Bamboo/maple hybrid deck with graphics that are photo heat transferred.

All the designers of this brand are either longboard riders or must have been riders at one time. Because they are riders themselves, they know exactly where to concentrate resources on and where there is no need of wasting money on hence coming up with the very best models you need.

4. Yocaher Longboard Brand

The long boarding sport is constantly and continuously reinventing itself. Whenever the younger generations learn about the sport, they come in to it with a lot of vigor and energy that demands for stronger longboard designs. Yocaher longboard designing company has remained a favorite for many riders in the market. This company will always come with a new longboard design that is needed in the market at that given time. As the cruising and riding game takes a new turn, the company emerges with a longboard model that fits into such dynamics.

Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down Stained Complete LongboardYocaher Punked Graphic Pintail Complete Longboard SkateboardYocaher Punked Stained Pintail Complete Longboard Skateboard

Such as the Yocaher Professional Drop Through. This is a complete professional longboard having been designed to have the maximum speed possible. It reflects the creativity and energy of the youth hence its one of the best model for this age group. Caring, riding downhill, turning and sliding have been made easier than never before by this design. Made by the use of a nine ply super head maple and a drop down design, the model features stability and the user’s security. Since the rider can go at speeds higher than 35 miles/hr, the design of the deck is thicker hence having less flex. 

Features of the Yocaher Professional Drop Through

  • It’s an ideal longboard for use by professional riders
  • It comes when fully assembled with no more assembly needed prior to riding
  • It features ABEC-7 chrome ball bearings
  • It also features heavy duty trucks, aluminum alloy, 180 millimeter Hanger and a black premium window grade 80A grip tape.
  • Its wheel base is 30.5” 

5. EIGHTBIT:  EIGHTBIT 41 Inch Drop Down Complete Longboard

EIGHTBIT is a longboard designing and building company that all veteran longboard riders have heard about. The company produces longboard models that are stable and have easy maneuverability. A good example of their outstanding model is the EIGHTBIT 41” Drop Down Complete Longboard. In addition to the stability and easy turning control, the model also boasts of easy push off. Easy push offs are necessitated by the flexibility of the model together with the less distance from the ground. Its deck is molded and is made using eight-ply maple thus increased durability.

EIGHTBIT 41 Inch Drop Down Complete LongboardEightBit 22 Inch Complete Skate Board - Retro Skateboard - Nova / FuryEightBit 27 Inch Complete Skate Board - Retro Skateboard - Fury / Ice

Features of the EIGHTBIT 41” Drop Down Complete Longboard

  • Designed with electrostatic coated aluminum heavy duty alloy trucks
  • Also features ABEC-7 & bearings
  • It comes when fully assembled, ready for riding.
  • It is a great model for cruising, caring as well as commuting.
  • It is made from heavy duty materials
  • Its deck is an eight ply laminated type which measures 9.75” by 41.25”
  • It has a low center of gravity for improved stability together with control

In a nutshell, EIGHTBIT is a company that works to please the customers at all costs. It ensures that its models are of great quality and are designed to serve the interests of riders at all the levels. Getting one of their longboards will be a great idea as you will most likely never be disappointed. 

6. The Krown Wood Sunset Complete Longboard describes all You Need to Know Concerning Krown Longboards

Krown has today reached the peak or rather top position on the subject of longboard designs. Several high quality models have off late been unveiled by this company. The company offers a wide range of longboards at relatively affordable prices. Most of their longboards are designed and made using the very best of quality materials. This has made many riders to shift from using other brands to the Krown Longboards. If it is cheap and durable, many will prefer it and that’s exactly what happens with the Krown models.

Krown Wood Sunset Complete Longboard SkateboardKrown Wave Crest Pin Complete Longboard SkateboardKrown Purple Flame Complete Longboard Skateboard

Some of the names that come from Krown include: Krown Green Flame, Krown Tidal Wave, Krown Logo, Krown Wood Sunsetand Krown Rasta Freestyle. Krown models feature good quality basic wheels and bushings among other materials. They have every single type of longboard under their name.


  • Its construction features the Canadian maple design
  • It measures 9 by 43 inches with a pintail shape
  • It features black 65 millimeter 78a wheels
  • It also comes with 6 inch silver trucks
  • It comes with the ABEC-7 ball bearings with smock black cover
  • It features a 7” heavy duty aluminum construction

The Krown Wood Sunset Complete is a great longboard for newbie’s. Its 42” pintail shape is very popular among the enthusiasts

 7. The Rich History of the Santa Cruz Longboards

The Santa Cruz Longboards have a more complicated history than any other. With a number of twists & turns beginning from around 1970’s the company has become a home of among the best skating art and designs. Some of the models that flower their name include: Santa Cruz Shark Rasta, Santa Cruz Mahaka, Santa Cruz Pomona, Santa Cruz Inlayed Shark and Santa Cruz Drop-Down.

Santa Cruz Skate Land Shark Rasta Sk8 Complete Skate BoardsSanta Cruz Skate Mahaka Rasta Cruzer SkateboardSanta Cruz Lion God Rasta Drop Thru Cruzer Freeride Longboard Deck Complete 40

Features of the Santa Cruz Lion God Rasta Drop Thru Cruzer Freeride Longboard Deck Complete

  • It is built using the Santa Cruz grip tape  and Santa Cruz durable hardware with Rasta stripe
  • It features the Santa Cruz bearings that are durable and engineered for speed
  • Comes with Road Rider trucks
  • Its 78a Road Rider wheel base measure 75millimeter
  • It also features Santa Cruz 10 by 40 inch metallic Ink Drop Down deck

The addition of complicated graphics on their boards went a long way in beating the other brands in the market. Jim Phillips, who is a legend in designing skateboards spear, headed the graphic designs for these boards. One of his designs that have been popular for long is the Sun god’s graphics.

Santa Cruz has been a leader in production of longboards and it is no doubt that they will be popular for several years to come. 

8. Knowing About Mayhem: The Case of Zycle Fix Mayhem Penny Style Skateboard

Mayhem designs most of its longboards with the right weight, shape and material. This ensures that there is proper balancing as you ride or rather cruise. The longboard designs from this company comform entirely with the needs of beginners as well as those of experienced riders. With creativity being their focus for customer attraction, their models have been receiving several positive customer reviews implying that a majority of customers are satisfied with it.  One model with very outstanding reviews is the Zycle Fix Mayhem Penny Style Skateboard. The colors, material for deck design, wheels, truck, riding style, busing and bearing all get very positive responses from customers.

Zycle Fix Mayhem Penny Style SkateboardMayhem Penny Style Board 3 Tone Decks Blue White Pink 22Mayhem Penny Skateboard with 22' Long Deck / 59mm wheels - Black

Features of the Zycle Fix Mayhem Penny Style Skateboard

  • The model measures 22 inches by 6 inches
  • It is a great longboard for hill bombing as well as cruising
  • It features ABEC-7 stainless steel ball bearings for durability and enhanced speed precision
  • It is made from durable plastic thus giving you the value for your money
  • It comes completely assembled with no prior assembly needed before rides.

The Mayhem Longboards are characterized with outstanding performance at relatively low costs. Customers at any given level can comfortably use these models without having to fear anything


Long boarding is a nice activity that has for a long time been considered just as a sporting activity. Long boarding is however more than just that. You can take the activity as a sporting event, a physical exercise for health and wellbeing and just for fun with comrades. Getting a good longboard requires a lot from you. You first need to know exactly what you need in terms of features and your level of experience. After knowing that, you are ready to go shopping. It’s worth noting that however good the features of a model may seem from the adverts, it is much safer to stick with the popular best longboard brands than to go for the least known ones.  Get out today and start looking for a longboard that suits you most. You will never fail to enjoy the experience.



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